Tournament the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 has already been issued and has left us with many surprises after seeing Gohan's great growth. The young Saiyan lost the battle against his father. However, his great growth and perseverance thrilled everyone, including his own father who gave him the position of leader of the team of the seventh universe.

After the episode, we saw the progress of chapter 91 that showed us the return to the series of frost. The sixth Pirate Universe returns to the series after his pitiful participation in the Champa tournament, in which he cheated and then was easily defeated by the heat.


Now, Frost is back and everything indicates that he will try to defeat Hit. This is considered revenge for those who interfered with Frost's plans. Now, lets move . on to an official preview of this episode.

Chapter 91: What universe will emerge victorious?

The strongest warriors gather! The universe seven of Goku was finally able to gather the 10 warriors who will participate in the tournament power. However, in other universes, it is very difficult to muster the 10 warriors.

Meanwhile, in the sixth universe, Heat and Frost looked at each other's faces. That was the official summary issued by Fuji TV and, as you can see, the encounter between the Galactic Pirate and the assassin is imminent.

How will they find each other?

We estimate that Frost is going in search of a hit. The advance shows how the Frosts confront the coup — you can see a scene in which it attacks. However, progress does not show what will happen in the episode chronologically, so we are not sure exactly how this will happen.

Did Frost increase his powers?

Not at first. Also, Frost looks pretty run-down. Keep in mind, the empire he had built was based on Deceptions that collapsed after the tournament. However, we can see that Frost uses his poison in another way, with needles in his body.


We could theorize that this villain has learned to use this in a more advantageous way. The venom isso powerful that he could defeat Goku.

Frost has perfected the use of his venom and now he can use it in several ways. However, he cannot defeat Hit because the latter is a genius and has control techniques that are of an extremely advanced level. This is how he humiliated Goku in his most powerful state of God. However, the frustration and rage that Frost feels before hitting will blind him and try to assassinate the murderer.