We are only a few hours away from the premiere of the 90th episode of "Dragon Ball Super," in which viewers will see the final outcome of Gohan's training with Picollo, after regaining his mystical state. Gohan continues training with Piccolo until the arrival of Goku, who we estimate will be accompanied by Tenshinhan, as he was recruited by the Saiyajin -- along with the Master Roshi. These 4 characters will participate in a team fight in oder to prepare for the upcoming Tournament of Power. Piccolo will fight alongside his student, while Goku will team up with Tenshinhan.

The plot

Gohan and Piccolo are likely to win this exhibition match, because each has spent a lot of time with the other and they each know the techniques and fighting style of the other.


After seeing the amazing growth of Gohan, Goku asks his son to face him in a one-on-one battle. Gohan will take pleasure in this challenge from his father, and both will be involved in an epic duel.

Additional information

This battle will likely have everything, and will showcase the progress and growth of Gohan, thanks to the training from Piccolo. Gohan has recovered his mystical state and increased his power even more, obtaining a power far superior to the one he had in the past when He faced majin buu.

Goku will surely use the Super Saiyan 3 phase to fight his son. In addition to that, Goku will use all his strength as a sign of respect for Gohan. Also, since the team is preparing for the Power Tournament, it would certainly make sense that each individual would put forth his highest level of power as a way to measure where they stand.

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Since Universe 7 is going to have to face the fiercest and most powerful opponents they have ever faced, it'd be a good idea to test their mettle in this way before the real tournament begins.

The end of Gohan's training will conclude in this chapter and give way to episode 91, where Gohan will continue to be the protagonist. Chapter 92 will show us how Majin Buu falls asleep, and how the team will need to find a replacement.