Several days have passed since Frieza’s confirmation for the Tournament of Power, and many fans believe it is a bad idea to include the former emperor of 7th Universe to the team. After all, the background story between him, Son Goku and Vegeta is quite harsh, and the chronicles between these characters are the most important of Dragon Ball Z”. This obviously sparks the concern that Frieza may change bands, or else change their behavior and stop being the villain we all know.

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This entire story began with Goku’s idea to recruit Frieza from Hell, requesting Uranai Baba’s help. However, the synopsis of episode 93 notes that the former emperor will only be revived for 24 hours, which means that during that time he will have to be kept in check by someone to prevent him from doing what he shouldn’t, for instance, killing Goku or not fighting on behalf of Universe 7.


For this reason, we believe that he will be kept in check by Whis or Beerus directly, since they are the most interested in his recruitment, and the only ones to swiftly deal with Frieza, should he rebel.

With all this what we are trying to say is that it is unlikely to Frieza to change his behavior during the Tournament of Power, but that he will only be a means to achieve victory, or else he will have to face destruction at hands of Beerus in that very moment. Nonetheless, we believe that there is an easier way to convince the former emperor to willingly aid Universe 7 in the fight: Goku can tell him that the winner will have the chance to make a wish using the Super Dragon Balls.

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Goku would literally be bribing most of Universe 7’ team, whether it be with money or with the prize of the Tournament, so we will have to see how he deals with the Z-Warriors should they achieve victory.

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Still it would be nothing short of madness to allow Frieza to make a wish to Super Shenron. However, just a few months ago we saw something quite similar, so it would be a bad story for the future.

What is clear to us is that Akira Toriyama will not be changing the behavior of the best villain “Dragon Ball Z” had, and the same thing would happen should Cell be the one to be revived. These characters have such importance both in the manga and in the anime, that Toriyama would not change their essence for a mere handful of episodes, it is simply a temporary decision of the author and the directors, then they will put them back in their main roles.

This is all the information known so far. Stay tuned for more future updates!!