Chapter 24 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga was full of surprises and amazing events. Goku, after recovering from his severe wounds following his intense fight against Zamasu, reflected on the fact that he was able to attain the Blue God form. When Goku faced Zamasu, he was able to fight at the highest level against one of the most fearsome villains in all of "Dragon Ball" -- to the point of perfecting the Blue God form, or Super Saiyan Blue.

However, fans complained of the enormous power that the Z warrior obtained from one manga to the next, so here, we explain the reason for Goku's incredible power increase. With the output of the translated manga, we have more information, and, according to Vegeta, Goku has been able to perfect the Blue God phase.

How did Goku succeed in perfecting such a state?

In the words of the same Prince, Goku sealed the overflowing power of the Super Saiyan Blue God within his body. This (combined with Goku's recovery thanks to Trunks' healing) allowed Goku to use, for a moment, 100% of this amazing and powerful phase, thus being able to compete with Zamasu's fusion. However, beyond the great power gained by Goku, this was something new for him, so Vegeta mentions that he would not be able to endure it for a long time, since sealing the entire aura of the God state puts incredible pressure on the body of Goku, which feels as though it is about to explode at any moment. The latter is somewhat similar to what happens with the Z warrior in the anime because the Saiyan is at risk of his body exploding every time he exceeds his limit with the Kaioken technique -- this being a technique that multiplies his strength, but also puts his life in danger.

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Once Goku reaches his limit, the energy and aura of the Super Saiyan Blue God starts to overflow, and that can be seen when the energy tries to leave through his right hand, causing great pain. Given the fact that the Super Saiyan Blue God phase is so powerful, it certainly makes sense that accessing that power would take a toll on the body, even a body like Goku's.

The Super Saiyan's full power

In certain aspects, this form of Goku in the manga could resemble the Super Saiyan at full power in the anime. The idea used by Toyotaro in this manga is somewhat similar to what the creator of the series used in the saga of Cell.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.