After what happened with Zamasu, when Goku called Zen-oh from the future, and after the meeting of the two Kings of All Things which resulted in the Tournament of Power, one of the biggest questions that the fans have been asking around is, what happened with Daishinkan from the future?. As we all know, this character is in charge of the protection of Zen-oh but in the end, he would only be an assistant to the King of all things, as he doesn’t really need any protection.

So, in the end

Daishinkan is in charge of preventing Zen-oh from destroying the Universes without suitable justification. In other words, it is his job to ensure that the King of all things handles his power in a responsible way and keeps the balance of existence.


In a manner, his job is similar to those of the Angels, keeping in check the power of the Gods of destruction, with the difference being that the Daishinkan is the second strongest being of all, second only to Zen-oh himself. He is also the father of the Angels, so we can say that all the Universes are at peace because of him.

Having said this, one of the strongest theories these days is that Zen-oh from the future is absent from his timeline, so Daishinkan-Sama has taken control of the throne. If this is so, then we can assume that Daishinkan hates Zen since the King of all things from the future is more serious than the one from the present timeline. So it is possible that theDaishinkan from the present doesn’t hate Zen, but the one from the future timeline does.

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Let’s recall the case of the evil androids from the future, compared to the ones of the present time that have grown into good guys. This situation can very well repeat itself with the Daishinkans and the Zen from the present and future times. Still, we do not take these theories seriously as they lack emotion or a proper plot for the future of “Dragon Ball Super.”

Another theory is that the Daishinkan is the Zen-oh from the future. This is also one of the most mentioned theories lately as it centers on the idea that the Daishinkan is controlling Zen-oh’s mind. This goes hand in hand with the android’s theory as we can recall that the androids from the future are not as strong as the ones of the present time.


Following this line, it is possible that the Daishinkan from the future is stronger than the one from the present time, and thus capable of controlling and manipulating Zen-oh behavior.

Now the following question comes into mind:

Why didn’t he killed the King of all things?

1. Unleashing their power would certainly destroy the 12 remaining Universes (according to the manga).

2. It would cause a multiverse commotion.

So in order to keep things running smoothly, he simply took control over either Zen-oh’s mind or his body, taking advantage of his closeness to the King of all things to take over power, thereby neutralizing him. him.

Will the Daishinkan be the final enemy? Only time will tell.