New details have been revealed related to the upcoming “Survival Tournament” and the new saga of “Dragon Ball Super." Just a few minutes ago, new events that will take part in the Tournament of Power were revealed. Only a week and a half left until the official release of Chapter 93 of "Dragon Ball Super," which, according to leaked information, will show the best battles ever seen in the Japanese saga. According to new filtered information, in episode 93 we will finally see the return of Frieza in his new form and the new transformation of the legendary Super Saiyan. Just a few moments ago, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has just revealed the official summary of chapter 93, which will be detailed below.

The plot

Episode number 93 of “Dragon Ball Super” will premiere on Saturday, June 3 and will be titled "You will be considered our 10th member! Son Goku goes to Frieza to recruit him!" in this episode, we will finally see all members of the Universe 7 together and how strong will be the team of the Z warriors in this tournament. Along with the official summary of Chapter 93, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has just revealed a new revealing image, in which we can appreciate GFrieza, who after all, we finally have a real image that would show us his return in Golden mode, but he is not the center of attention on this summary, we also notice the presence of Kale, the Super Saiyan of the Universe 6, who could now show off her new powerful transformation, something that fans and viewers were looking forward to.

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The official summary of Episode 93

In effect, Son Goku makes a trip personally to recruit to the emperor of the evil of the Universe 7, which once had mercilessly eliminated many of his friends in the planet Namek. The replacement of Majin Buu must be immediate, so Son Goku has opted for the evil emperor to replace Buu. How will he react to such an unexpected invitation? Meanwhile, in Universe 6, Kale will have an exclusive training with Caulifla, who already has enough level to be a Super Saiyan.

That is the official summary so far; However, it is not ruled out that soon we are also showing some interesting data such as filtered images of the episode, or small extractions prior to its release.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super," with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapters.