The official advance of Chapter 92 of the 'Survival Tournament' of the 'Dragon Ball Super' saga has revealed part of the main events that will happen in the next episode of the saga. However, not everything was very clear.

The vast majority of fans have been left with some doubts about the powerful warriors Krillin and Android 18. There are rumors about their possible replacement in the power tournament, but nothing has been confirmed until today. Recently, we have filtered new information about these warriors and the character that will take their role in the tournament.

According to Fuji TV, the replacement of Krillin and Android 18 is already a reality. The warriors will be officially replaced by Cell, so the team that represents the universe commanded by Goku is practically complete because only the confirmation of Frieza in substitution of Majin Buu would be lacking.

However, there are certain unknowns about the replacement of the warriors already mentioned.


Could Cell tackle this new role successfully? How much will his veteran and level of power contribute to the Saiyans' team?

The plot

According to the rules and the start date of the “Survival Tournament” of the 'Dragon Ball Super' saga, Goku would have the hours counted to complete his team, so to replace two of the best warriors of his universe would not be easy.

At one point, m the name of Frieza was filtered as a possible substitute for Krillin and Android 18 in the power tournament. But, Goku has decided on the powerful Cell, the Android created by one of Dr. Gero's machines. It has an incredible ability to increase his forces without limit, which was only defeated by Gohan in "Dragon Ball Z." However, this Android still has a lot to show.

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Why did Goku hire Cell and not other characters?

This Android has an astonishing variety of techniques. It knows and dominates most of the attacks of the other participants. This would be a lot of help for the universe 7. It counts on very powerful cells of Saiyans, which means that in some time he could reach the Blue God Form, as in his moment obtained the Super Saiyan Ordinary. All these arguments should be an important part so that Goku can make the decision to hire Cell, to assume the role of the warriors who did decided not participate in the tournament. In this case, Krillin is mentioned in Android 18.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super," with some leaked information about this saga.


Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.