Surprise! After almost ninety episodes of the new series “Dragon Ball Super," Akira Toriyama has decided that it is time for Gohan to overcome his limits and be the powerful Saiyan that he was once in the previous sagas of “Dragon Ball Z." The official synopsis of chapter 90 of the current series of "Dragon Ball Super" takes the title Goku against Gohan. And indeed, that will be what we will see, a battle between father and son to determine the progress of training. Recently, a new image has been revealed, in which the teacher Akira Toriyama reveals interesting details about the new transformation that Son Gohan will have. The official image of the synopsis can be found in the photo gallery of this news.

Next, we share with you all new details about this new revelation.

The Plot.

The training is finally over and the time has come for the final tests. Son Goku has decided to carry out a two-on-two battle to see the result of the pre-tournament training of power. Goku manages to associate with Ten Shin Han to have a fierce combat against Piccolo and his disciple (Gohan). In this context, an enormous battle is fought, and Gohan eventually boasts that his father is the one who needs to continue training.

The new level of the Saiyan

The situation is disconcerting. The new level of the Saiyan is totally incredible, to the point that it leaves everyone with astonishment. Undoubtedly, Piccolo has done his best to show off the new power of his disciple that he had never obtained before, but still they do not have it all very easy, because Ten Shin Han has also developed an incredible new technique that leaves everyone completely amazed.

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The members of this new tournament representing universe 7 have also matured.

Additional information

Finally, Son Goku is very happy that his own son has been overcome in such a way, so he is totally grateful to Piccolo. It is not specified at all, but it seems that there will be another one-on-one confrontation between father and son, in which, another could win the battle.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the series, and stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.