Ever since Daishinkan first appeared, a lot of theories have been going around regarding his integrity. His great power and physical features match the description of the final villain described by the creator of the series, and there's a good chance he could be the final antagonist of "Dragon Ball".

However, despite these theories, and even some scenes in which Daishinkan appears to be evil and not as benevolent as one could think, there’s no proof of him being evil. Nonetheless, we will add one more theory, one which we consider quite convincing. This theory describes step by step what the evil priest’s Plan could be to get rid of Zeno and take over everything.

Daishinkan’s plan

His first step, even though he didn’t plan it, is about to happen: the tournament of power. This tournament is a perfect opportunity for Daishinkan to realize his plans. This is simply because the people who could thwart his plans will all be gathering in one place. Among them are the Kaioshins, Hakaishins, both Zenos, and his very own children, the angels.

Daishinkan will let the tournament follow its natural course, without interfering, limited only to watching. After the great battle begins, the warriors will start to fall, and by consequence, the universes will start to vanish thanks to the rule of eradicating the universes that lose the fight. The best part of this is that everything will happen without Daishinkan breaking a sweat. What’s even better is that the strongest fighters that manage to last long enough to see the end of the tournament won’t be able to do anything, as they will be tired after so much combat.

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Is it impossible to defeat Zeno?

Some will say it’s impossible to defeat Zeno, but we believe it’s a mistake. As you may know, at the end of Zamasu’s saga, Whis makes a mention that he’d go and tell future Bills to defeat Black Goku and the immortal Zamasu. He does this because he had a better way, other than using the Mafuba, to stop them. Because of this, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that Daishinkan may have a superior technique than the one his son has. This technique could trap or even make Zeno disappear, who doesn’t seem to have a power scale.

After this, Daishinkan’s plan will be complete and he’ll be able to take control of everything, becoming the new king. From here on, the universe would have a restart, with new rules, new universes and new gods, made by the king of everything, Daishinkan.