Ever since “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” was adapted into an anime series last April 5, Denki and Metal Lee are the only ones possessed by the mysterious dark aura that is making people berserk. In the latest episode of the series, three more victims came under the influence of the cryptic energy and one of them was the struggling teacher, Aburame Shino. To make matters worse, a new transfer student was added into the already rowdy group of problem children.

Episode 5 recap

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations started off with an expelled Academy student rampaging on the streets. Boruto and Iwabe collaborated to stop the rampaging guy.

However, he managed to get away from the duo. Boruto chased the runner only to find him unconscious beside a new kid.

Later on, in their class, Shino introduced a new student joining their class named Mitsuki who turned out to be the same kid at the rampaging incident. Mitsuki showed great interest to Boruto where he chose to sit beside him after his introduction into the class. He also mentioned that he doesn’t want Boruto to dislike him when he went overboard during his mock battle with Iwabe.

In “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” we all know that Mitsuki is an artificial son of Orochimaru. However, in the anime, it seems that Mitsuki hides his lineage from the others as he introduced himself as a mere resident of the Hidden Sound Village. Another interesting fact about Mitsuki is that he is somehow aware of the dark chakra as he asked Boruto if he could see it when a repairman at the Academy went berserk.

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Episode 6 spoilers

Aside from Mitsuki’s debut, the episode titled “The Mysterious Transfer Student” also focused on Aburame Shino and his struggles as a teacher. It appears that he is not cut out to be a teacher because his efforts tend to go over the norms resulting in disaster. He also has to deal with the natural problem children in his class which makes everything worse for him. With the stress piling up on him, he became a huge target for the malicious chakra that is causing a lot of trouble lately. After being possessed, he summoned Boruto, Misuki, and Shikadai for an extracurricular lesson in a secluded area. The dark aura will then influence Shino to express his frustrations as a teacher to the trio in the next episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.”

As the preview suggests, Shino will lay his hands on his students while under the influence of the dark chakra. It seems that is feeding off on the negative emotions of a person and let them express it in a violent way. Let us just wait and see what will happen in the next chapter of the adventures of Uzumaki Boruto.