After multiple reports of rampage throughout Konoha, Boruto, as well as the Hokage, are now looking for a piece of information to explain the mysterious incidents. In the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” a new victim fell under the influence of the dark chakra. Meanwhile, Boruto and Shikadai are on their investigation regarding increasing incidents. This time around, Boruto saw the dark chakra manifest itself into a monster which left the two of them puzzled. On the other hand, Naruto and Shikamaru are getting reports that people are losing chakra.

Cho-cho’s secret admirer?

Episode 7 titled “Love and Potato Chips” focused entirely on Sumire, Cho-cho, and Sarada as a sneaky secret admirer stalks them everywhere they go.

At first, Cho-cho thought that the stalker is after her cute and chubby appeal and according to her, the stalker is affecting her eating routine. After school, the girls went to a convenience store to replenish Cho-cho’s potato chips supply, and on their way back they finally caught the stealthy stalker.

It turns out the stalker is one of their schoolmate that goes by the name Magire. A timid looking guy with pale white complexion and long brown hair. Sadly for Cho-cho, Magire is not really after her; instead, he admitted that the one he likes is Sumire, the class representative. Cho-cho forced Magire to confess his feelings to Sumire, but the lady rejects him. Negative emotions filled Magire's heart and became a plausible candidate for the dark chakra to take over.

The following day, Magire’s stalking transformed from creepy to a whole new level of obsession.

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These are the part where the show became dark and dangerous. Being stalked is tough to handle in the first place, but if a stalker will have ninja abilities is horrifying. Thankfully, Cho-cho managed to talk Magire out of the dark chakra possession but her ridiculous yet effective analogy with potato chips. However, Magire suddenly passed out because of chakra deficiency.

Mitsuki and the dark chakra

Despite appearing multiple times, Mitsuki is still a suspicious character because of his mysterious past and likeness to villain Orochimaru. Mitsuki also seemed interested in Boruto, and he is always eager to see how Boruto will deal with every problem that they encounter. He is also shown to report to someone through his snake regarding the dark chakra incidents. Mitsuki also mentioned multiple time if Boruto will be his son. Maybe, Mitsuki is missing in the dark, and he sees Boruto as his son to show him the way.

As of the dark chakra, viewers have known for quite a while that the chakra manifests itself as a lion-like monster.

Now that Boruto saw the manifestation with his special eyes himself, they will have lead to follow. The multiple incidents of people losing chakra that Shikamaru reported to Naruto probably, also has connections with the dark chakra. Magire has his chakra drained when the mysterious energy left him. Some speculations say that the culprit behind the dark chakra attacks is collecting energy to use it for a something bigger and evil.