People say that silent individuals are scary when they get mad. The "Naruto Shippuden" spin-off series is in full swing as the story continues on Boruto and the new generation of Konoha ninjas. This time, the antisocial teacher, Shino lost his composure because of the building stress caused by the problem children in his class.

Last time, a dark aura possessed the teacher and as expected Shino went mad and resorted on killing his students. The latest episode of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations," delivered a full-length battle where Shino invited Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki in some extra-curricular lesson.


Teacher vs. student

Due to the evil influence of the dark aura, Shino went all out on his students and attacked the youngsters with his unique insect techniques. Boruto was quick to see that his teacher is under the influence of the same thing that caused Denki and Metal Lee berserk.

Like the previous incidents, Boruto and the others will have to knock the sense out of Shino. However, this time will be hard for the young heroes as there is a big skill gap between the teacher and the students.

Fortunately, Shikadai is present with his amazing strategies.

The three classmates decided that Boruto will capture Shino's attention with his shadow clones while Shikadai will try to ensnare their teacher with his shadow bind. Mitsuki will serve as a backup where he will use his elongating arms to drag Shino into the water and finish with a Lightning jutsu.

Despite experiencing some bumps along the way, the three managed to free their teacher from the dark aura. However, Mitsuki lost most of his chakra which left him drowning in the lake. Boruto proceeded to rescue him but ended up drowning himself until Shino saved them using his summoning.


Love and potato chips

More and more persons are getting influenced by the mysterious dark aura that only Boruto can see. Now that the Naruto knows the incidents, the adults will now make a move to find it and shut it down, especially that even a Jonin-class ninja like Shino can fall victim to this aura. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Shino concluded that there is someone behind the dark aura and they will have to stop him at all cost.

Certainly, we will see more of the characters from the previous series as they investigate on the dark aura.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode titled "Love and Potato Chips!," will feature Akamichi Chocho and her secret admirer.

This secret admirer and stalker will irritate the bouncy little lady and disrupt her eating schedule. Chocho claimed that she is losing weight because her stalker is making her anxious. Catch "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" simulcast every Wednesday, 5:25 AM at Crunchyroll.