Boruto’s story is about to go on an impressive turn as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations diverts away from the repetitive scenario where some will fall victim to the dark chakra. This time around, the latest episode showed significant progress in the overall plot of the story. Even though the series is meeting the expectations of the “Naruto Shippuden” fans so far, the one-day adventures of Boruto and the gang were getting monotonous. Fortunately, the latest episode teased a bigger adventure awaiting Boruto.


The Dream’s Revelation

Ever since the dark chakra incidents happened, Boruto and Shikadai have wondered why Boruto was the only one who can see the black aura. While watching a movie with his friends, Boruto was amazed by the film protagonist Kagemasa and his unique dojutsu. Kagemasa led Boruto to making a conclusion that he may have awakened his Byakugan powers.

His assumption was given more faith when a mysterious young man visited him in his dream. The mysterious figure bears a striking resemblance to the member of the Otsutsuki clan, and he warned Boruto of impending danger.

The mysterious figure also informed Boruto that his eye holds high power. Delighted by the dreamlike news, he declares that he will become the hero of the world and with his Byakugan powers, he will defeat all the bad guys.

Naruto was suspicious of his son’s claim, and his disbelief hinted the rocky relationship between the father and son. To have the final verdict once and for all, Naruto took his children to visit a surprisingly affectionate Hiashi Hyuga to confirm whether or not Boruto’s Byakugan has awakened. It was refreshing to see Naruto take a break from his Hokage duties to hang out with his kids.


Toneri Otsutsuki returns?

In Episode 8 titled “The Dream’s Revelation,” the mysterious figure in Boruto’s dream was uncannily familiar. For those familiar with the Naruto feature films, they could instantly say that the mysterious figure was no other than Toneri Otsutsuki of the Hamura, branch family. In “The Last: Naruto the Movie,” Toneri served as the main antagonist of the film where he plans to put the moon to strike the Earth. In the end, Naruto and Hinata managed to defeat him and made him realize his wrong actions and, to atone for his sins, he imposed a self-exile on the moon.

At the start of the latest episode, Toneri mentioned that a comet is approaching the Earth and a great danger is with it. However, he claimed that Boruto would be the key to all of it and the young Uzumaki’s eyes will be the is the star of hope in the future. He also added that the young hero would carry the fate of the world on his shoulders. Though not confirmed, some fans claimed that Toneri would come back as a villain and he is the one behind the dark chakra attacks. If this turned out to be true, it is disappointing to see the spin-off series going back to Otsutsukis as villains when there is a whole bunch of other characters in Kishimoto’s diverse world.


All in all, the change of pace in Episode 8 is a welcome shift in the victim of the day format of the previous episodes. Though absent of the thrilling action scenes, the incredible progress in the plot is more than enough to entertain viewers. Not to mention Boruto’s uncovered power within him that may play a game-changing role in the future of the ninja world.