“Attack on Titan” season 2 is far from finished as the series continues with consistent tension and game-changing revelations. More and more vital information were showed with every episode ever since the second season debuted a few weeks ago. The Beast Titan made its anime debut, Ymir revealed herself as a titan shifter, and the latest episode saw Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover revealed their hidden identities. There will be no turning back for this two warriors, and they will now have to face their former comrades to fulfill their duty to the bitter end.


Traitors to humanity

Aside from their true identities as the fearsome Colossal and Armored Titan, Reiner mentioned that their goal was to eradicate humanity dwelling inside the walls. He also added that all the slaughter would be over if Eren would come with them to the place they refer as the hometown. There is no information yet on the faction that Reiner and Bertholdt were working for, but it is safe to assume that their main goal is Eren.

They are willing to abandon their mission of wiping humanity just to get their way with Eren.

Maybe, Eren holds the secret to the power of the Titans. That is why they are even willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of people just to achieve their goal.

Eren, on the other hand, cannot believe that Reiner whom he looked up to is a sworn enemy of mankind and the reason behind the death of his beloved mother. Eren knows that the things that Reiner and Bertholdt admitted make sense, but he still refused to believe it. However, when the two transformed into their Titan forms to kidnap him, he retaliated and transformed to his titan form to engage them in combat.


Eren vs. Armored Titan spoilers

The upcoming episode titled “Close Combat” will see the exhilarating titan battle between the Armored Titan and Eren. Armored Titan’s speed and power will prove to be no match to Eren not to mention the hard armor that cover its entire body.

However, Eren will remember a move that Annie taught him where the technique uses the opponent’s own power against them. With one quick sweep, Eren caught the Armored Titan’s arm in a submission lock and managed to decapitate its arm.

On the other hand, Bertholdt transformed into the Colossal Titan, but only partially. With Eren engaged with the more mobile titan, the remaining soldiers of the Survey Corps faced the colossal titan. The agility provided by the 3D maneuver gear gave a great advantage to the sluggish titan.

However, as the soldiers are about to strike at the nape of its neck, the Titan let off a huge amount of steam to keep the soldiers at bay. With no options available Zoe Hange decided to wait the Colossal lost all of its fumes before striking back.