After a breathtaking, action-packed battle between titans shifters, Attack On Titan season 2 went into a more subtle emotional and psychological warfare between our hero and his friend-turned-traitors.

Lengthy dialogues are not the strong suit of series, and it became evident in episode 34 titled “Opening.” The overall entertainment of the episode fails in comparison with the previous episodes that feature dynamic fight scenes that don't need any words. However, AoT still made the best out of the little development particularly Reiner’s point of view.

Warrior, soldier, and murderer

All throughout the series including the first season, Reiner was a model soldier and served a big brother figure in the 104th Training Corps.


Eren and the other cadets looked up to him because of his positive outlook on life and dedication as a soldier. However, the latest episode revealed that there is more to Reiner that meets the eye.

One of the most interesting revelations of the episode was Reiner’s Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personalities. On several occasions, it was partly hinted that Reiner was suffering from a psychological illness, but the scenes cleverly hide it under the pretense of stress or confusion. Reiner’s split personality was the result of two contradicting causes forced into him and the guilt of his past actions as the Armored Titan.

Reiner is torn between his duties as a soldier of the Walls and a deeply guilt-ridden warrior working under an unknown enemy.

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However, Eren claimed that Reiner and Bertholdt were neither a soldier nor a warrior but plain psychotic murderers who are responsible for the many loss of lives. Unfortunately, we have little to no information about the self-proclaimed warriors, and there is more to learn about Reiner’s point of view or their motives for their actions.

Ymir: friend or foe?

During the lengthy conversations in the episode, Ymir played a huge role in getting the dialogues going. She is also responsible for holding back Eren and his violent tendencies against their captors with saintly patience. Even so, Ymir’s loyalty is still questionable, and Episode 34 hinted that she might team up with Reiner and Bertholdt in kidnapping Eren.


Apart from being a titan shifter, few details were confirmed about Ymir, and in the previous season, she only served as a background character. Surprisingly, Ymir appears to know something about the business of the warriors or at least a little about it. Reiner invited Ymir to join forces with them and used Ymir’s affections for Christa as leverage.

All in all, the latest episode has a hard time of making the discussions interesting. The scenes were bland and felt like it was stretched as long as possible to make a point. Though not entirely a bad episode, the desperate attempts in exaggerating the emotion with shaking ended up as distractions. Nonetheless, the next couple of episodes will be interesting one way or another as the Survey Corps comes to rescue Eren. Catch “Attack on Titan” season 2 Simulcast on Crunchyroll every Saturdays at 10:30 pm +08.