After the epic cliffhanger ending last week, the hype is through the roof as fans clenched their fists for the action-packed face-off between Eren and Reiner in their Titan forms. The latest season never fails to meet the expectations as Attack On TitanSeason 2 delivers the best episode yet. The team behind the show is continuously elevating performance with every episode to the point that finding the right words to describe anime the series is very hard to think off. From the back-to-back revelations and thrilling fight scenes, there will be few options to match the fascinating series.


Best episode ever?

During the last episode, the conflict was building up at a fast pace as Reiner casually revealed Bertholdt and his real identities to Eren. As expected, Eren cannot believe their confessions because he can’t accept that the one he looked up to was the one responsible for the death of his mother and millions of other people. Even how painful it is, he now sees his former comrades as traitors and enemy of humanity. Eren said that in the history of humanity no one has ever done anything as gruesome as Reiner and Bertholdt did and for that, Eren felt obliged to eradicate them.

The battle started off with a slugfest between Eren and the Armored Titan, but Eren’s attack seemed useless in massive strength and solid armor of his enemy. After hitting the ground several times, Eren remembers a technique that Annie taught him where it uses the opponent’s strength against him. In an instant, the boxing match turned into a grappling contest, and Eren managed to turn the table by dismembering the Armored Titan’s arm. After watching the earth-shattering suplex, great reversals and dynamic movements of the opposing Titans, anyone can understand why “Attack on Titan” Episode 32 is the best.


Fantastic animation and CG!

All in all, the episode is a half-hour of an action-packed battle between two literal giants with explosive power and high regenerative abilities. However, the real heroes of the episode are Wit Studio and the guys on Production I.G that brought the outstanding episode to life. Unlike the first season where they struggled with the consistency, the latest season especially episode 32 has high fluidity, well-executed choreography, and kinetic cinematography.

The animators even managed to incorporate an amazing CG model of the Colossal Titan that contrast well with the traditionally animated characters of the Survey Corps.

The way the little soldiers of the Survey Corps zipped through the air and flying around the massive titan’s attack done was extremely well and visually pleasing. CG on anime programs almost never happens, and it is usually the sceneries and swarms of characters of the same outfit that receives the CG, so it is very refreshing to see it even for a short time.

Episode 33 spoilers

Episode 32 ended with another cliffhanger where the Colossal Titan let itself fall on the wall directly on Eren and Reiner.


The title was titled “Hunters, ” and it will feature the unexpected conclusion of the battle between Eren and the Armored Titan. With the help of the Colossal Titan, the traitors will successfully abduct Eren, and as the title suggest, the Survey Corps will perform an expedition to hunt Reiner along with Bertholdt and to retrieve Eren and Ymir. On the other hand, Eren will get the chance to talk with his abductors and gather more information about his titan powers.