"Attack On Titan" Season 2 just started over a month ago, and already, there have been a lot of shocking revelations made. The most jaw-dropping yet is when, during episode 29 titled "Soldier," it was implied that Ymir is a Titan shifter, which definitely surprised us all.

For the previous episode, the focus was the relationship between Christa and Ymir. "Attack On Titan" Episode 30 titled "Historia" was very emotional, and it also confirmed that Ymir is indeed a Titan. However, teasers of Episode 31 suggest that Ymir may not be the only one in the group who is hiding their real identity.

The mystery behind Wall Rose

The synopsis of "Attack On Titan" episode 31 says that Ymir was able to repel the Titans surrounding Uggard Castle successfully.


However, what Ymir did cause her serious injuries, and she had to be sent to Trost Ward for treatment, leaving the remaining soldiers to continue with the Wall Rose repair strategy.

Meanwhile, Hannes, who was previously sent to let everyone know about where the hole comes back to report that there is no holes anywhere. Everyone wonders how the Titans appear inside the holes if there are indeed no holes.

We have already heard about the mystery behind the infiltration of Wall Rose. Hannes' revelation that there are no holes that could have let the Titans into the area only confirms that they have managed to spawn within the territory.

Identity of the Armored and Colossal Titans

Some manga readers say that this episode is the most shocking chapter of "Attack On Titan." This is where Eren will discover the true identity of two of his comrades.

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Anime viewers who do not want any more spoilers, please stop reading. In the scene where Ymir was going to use the Utgard Castle to take down the Titans, Betroit was seen raising his fist, and he also looks like he is about to bite his hand to draw blood. Only someone who is about to transform into a Titan does this, and the next episode of #Attack On Titan will confirm what we all have been thinking.

For those who have read the manga, they know that Reiner confessed that he was the one behind the Armored Titan. He will also admit that Bertolt is the Titan shifter who brought the Colossal Titan to life. Also, prepare to see Eren, in his Titan form, the battle against the Armored Titan. The next episode is going to be a truly epic one, and it is safe to say that there's going to be bloodshed.


"Attack On Titan" episode 31 is set to be released on May 6.