At the end of episode 784 of "One Piece," viewers got a brief glimpse of Yonji and Reiju, two of Sanji's siblings and members of the Vinsmoke family. Their gigantic ship suddenly emerged from the ocean in front of the Straw Hats, who were on their way to Whole Cake Island to save Sanji. Chopper initially mistook Yonji for Sanji due to their similar appearance and immediately asked for an anecdote for Luffy. Luffy, of course, ate a highly poisonous fish, the Armored-Stone Fish, and was on the verge of death. Yonji declined to help the Straw Hats and instead challenged them to a fight. His sister then appeared and kicked him off the ship. The episode ended with Reiju setting foot on the Thousand Sunny.

Luffy has his first kiss with Sanji's sister

"One Piece" episode 785 is titled "A Deadly Poison Crisis! Luffy and Reiju!" As such, it was clear for viewers that much of the episode would be spent introducing the character of Reiju. With Reiju having set foot on the Straw Hat's ship, the crew was on high alert. Brook and Pekoms then revealed that the Vinsmokes were a royal family from the North Blue who garnered a notorious reputation for their warmongering activities. However, Reiju informed Brook that while the Vinsmokes did not rule over a kingdom, they were still considered a royal family. Naturally, Brook responded by asking to see her underwear.

The highlight of the episode was perhaps the revelation of Reiju's powers. When Reiju saw the unconscious and dying Luffy, she adeptly identified the venom that he had consumed.

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She then proceeded to heal him by sucking the poison out of his mouth. This scene ended up being the center of attention for many fans of the anime, as this was Luffy's first onscreen kiss. Both Nami and Brook blushed at the sight of Reiju "kissing" Luffy. More importantly, however, this scene showcases Reiju's immunity to poison. Readers of the manga already know why she has this ability.

The Straw Hats finally arrive at Whole Cake Island

After being saved by Reiju, Luffy declared his intention of bringing Sanji back to his crew. The two parties then part ways, with Reiju wishing the pirates good luck in their endeavors, while Yonji was slightly irritated by Reiju's behavior. The episode ended with Luffy and his friends arriving at Big Mom's island, appropriately named Whole Cake Island. The infrastructure of the entire island is seemingly made out of sweets and edibles. In the preview for episode 786, we see Luffy and Chopper eating entire houses made out of chocolate and subsequently get themselves in trouble with the police.

They will also meet Sanji's fiancee, Charlotte Pudding.

Overall, episode 785 was very enjoyable and insightful, although it wasn't necessarily action-packed. Regardless, viewers got a first impression of the Vinsmoke family. Unlike her brother Yonji, Reiju seems to be much more kind-hearted, but it remains to be seen how her relationship with Sanji turns out. Undoubtedly, the Vinsmokes will play a significant role in the current arc, and their dominion over the Germa 66, as well as their advanced weaponry, surely make them a force to be reckoned with.