The last chapter of One Piece ended with hundreds of Luffys jumping out of the mammoth wedding cake, and Big Mom looking in awe at the scene unfolding before her. Sanji was also able to dodge a bullet that the most powerful of the three Sweet Commanders, Charlotte Katakuri, flicked at him. In the meantime, Pudding was unintentionally incapacitated by Sanji, who charmingly complimented her on her third eye. As a result of his sweet talk, Pudding broke down crying and was incapable of shooting Sanji as she had originally planned. In this week's chapter, we find out more about Katakuri's devil fruit power.

Katakuri possesses the powers of the Mochi Mochi no Mi

With a bounty worth 1,057,000,000 Belly, Charlotte Katakuri currently has the highest known bounty in One Piece.

As such, it was expected that he'd be extraordinarily powerful. Capone Bege previously revealed that Katakuri is a master of the Kenbunshoku Haki and that he is able to see into the future, albeit only for a few seconds. When Luffy leaped towards the picture of Mother Caramel, Katakuri demonstrated his powers for the first time. The Sweet Commander prevented Luffy from reaching the picture of Big Mom's benefactor by kicking him in the face with an oversized foot coated in Haki. Surprisingly, Luffy was unable to move and was stuck to Katakuri's foot until Jinbei intervened. The former Shichibukai used his Fishman Karate techniques to attack Katakuri with black tea. Luffy was then released from the mysterious powers of the Sweet Commander. Subsequently, Jinbei explained that Katakuri was a Logia-type who possesses the powers of the so-called Mochi Mochi no Mi.

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According to the English translation uploaded to Mangastream, "mochi is the name of a sticky rice cake sweet, and also the descriptor for sticky, chewy things in general". Jinbei further explained that Katakuri's powers could be weakened with water - or in this case tea.

Jinbei officially quits the Big Mom Pirates

Jinbei has previously declared that he wishes to join the Straw Hat Pirates and firmly believes that Luffy will one day become the King of the Pirates. However, the former Shichibukai was unable to join Luffy's crew immediately, as he was still a member of the Big Mom Pirates. Jinbei joined Big Mom's crew after the death of Whitebeard because he needed the Yonko's help protecting his home, Fishman Island. With her infamy and influence, Big Mom claimed Fishman Island as her territory and scared off any potential invaders. After the defeat of Hody Jones, however, Luffy offered to protect the island with his own jolly roger. Jinbei then decided to quit the Big Mom Pirates and confronted her in chapter 830.

Big Mom, however, said that he must spin her roulette if he wishes to leave her crew. Knowing that something was amiss, Jinbei declined. In this week's chapter, Jinbei confronted the Yonko once more. This time, he officially resigned from her crew and even though Big Mom tried to take his life span as payment, she was unable to do so, because Jinbei felt no fear. While chaos ensued, Brook, who was disguised as Luffy, took out a hammer and successfully demolished Mother Caramel's picture. It remains to be seen how Big Mom will react to this, but one thing is certain: She won't be too pleased!