Recently, we got the new, official synopsis spoilers in for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 87 via the folks over at, who got them from popular Dragon Ball translator @Hermes98 aka Todd Balnkenship. We also got a jump preview synopsis from his Twitter page to share with you guys. It turns out that we're going to see Goku get his offer rejected by No. 17, but they'll eventually have more pressing matters to deal with that actually causes them to team up, and more.

A spaceship in the sky

They also revealed that we have another lengthy title for this thing, which is called: "Hunt the Poachers! Goku and Android 17’s Joint Battle!!" According to the official synopsis, we're going to see a very interesting conversation go down between Goku and Android 17 ,at some point, as Goku will be trying to get him to join the team for the big "Tournament Of Power." Unfortunately for Goku, No.

17 will not give him the answer he desires. In another words, he's going to get, straight up, turned down. However, after that, is when things will start to get quite interesting as they tell us that shortly after the big rejection, the two of them are going to sense something approaching. Then, surely enough, it's revealed that it'll be a spaceship in the dark sky.

Galactic poachers arrive

Who's on this spaceship? Will they cause havoc? Fortunately, we have some answers to those burning questions, because Hermes98 revealed it in his Jump Preview for the episode. It turns out that the people on the spaceship, will be galactic poachers, and that they are going to capture all the animals that are on the island where No. 17 resides. This crazy action will certainly prompt these two to quickly try to rescue the animals, so we'll see them end up, fighting side-by-side for this cause.

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The big questions for this scenario, is: will they be able to successfully rescue all the animals? Or will the poachers be to got damn strong and get what they freaking want? Unfortunately, they didn't specifically reveal the answers to those question in the synopsis, so we don't know for sure. What we do know, is those animals do, at least, have a fighting chance since Goku and No. 17 are on the case. We also should get some very dramatic scenes out of this storyline. No doubt.

We can also confirm that the new episode 87 is scheduled to hit the airwaves next Saturday evening at 7:15pm central time on Crunchyroll. Then we've got another airing that same day at 11:30 pm on Toonami. And of course, Fuji TV is set to air it on Sunday morning at 9am Japan time. Be sure to make note of those important dates and times, so you don't miss out, and stay tuned.