Reality television queen Kim Kardashian [VIDEO] can't win for losing. She was hit with fat-shaming over photos of her unairbrushed backside in a bikini. Paparazzi in Mexico captured raw images of the reality TV star's cellulite and plastic surgery butt lift. Folks commented that those famous butt implants were less intriquing au naturelle. Kardashian blasted back in an f-word laced Twitter rant that "perspective is a b--ch." Poor Kim. She worked so hard to advertise her weight-loss on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian live vs. airbrushed

Probably no one is gullible enough to believe that all Kim's Instagram pics show her as is -- certainly everyone has flaws.

But the contrast between retouched and untouched was shocking. Kim blames the appearance of cellulite on camera angles and lighting. But gawkers insisted that the dimples were fat, not shadows. The huge buttocks bulges prove just how much silicone the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star has had implanted. Kim has marveled at what a "tiny waist" she has. Her stomach, arms, and legs do look more slender next to her extensive butt lift and breast implant work/body sculpting. Some folks also saw jiggly inner thigh fat and body-shamed accordingly.

Kardashian body-shamed on plastic surgery

The "KUWTK" star is used to being the reality television hottie. Folks are shocked by her provocative attire, nude selfies, and nearly-naked pictures, but very few can deny that she's sexy. However, these real-life photos showed her bikini butt as nature intended, but certainly not how Kim intended.

Her butt lift kit sagged and appeared in need of a boost. Folks were shocked but not in a good way. Her big butt even appeared bruised, though that probably is down to shadowing. It does serve as a reminder, though, of just how invasive and scarring cosmetic surgery, tummy tuck, butt lift, boob job etc,, are. "Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry posted photos of her rump immediately after plastic surgery and it looked like she'd been beaten. "Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June Shannon was horrified by all her scars after surgery.

Karma bites after Kimoji Virgin Mary candle?

Kardashian expects to shock but also entice. What she didn't expect was fat-shaming. It's not like Kim's suffering from morbid obesity. She did gain about 70 pounds in pregnancy and chronicled her famous weight-loss after giving birth. She's given some strange diet advice that amounted to basically an eating disorder. Khloe Kardashian has talked like she has anorexia too, but Kim didn't see cellulite in the photos, she saw poor photography. Could it be a little divine retribution? Kim and Kanye West sold a Virgin Mary candle featuring Kim mocked up as the Blessed Mother in their online head shop, Kimoji. Maybe it's not perspective that's a b--ch, but karma.