As we have seen on episode 66 of the anime of “Dragon Ball Super”, the recently released manga 23 shows us Vegitto’s thrilling entrance. The fusion between Goku and Vegeta finally makes his entrance in the manga.

What do the images show us?

We can see the fusion of Zamasu, who looks quite overconfident and arrogant as he faces Goku and Vegeta. After that we can see both Saiyans transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, although the power of the transformation seems useless against the power of the Supreme God. Goku manages to open a hole in the villain’s body, but thanks to his immortality the wound heals instantly.

After that, we can see Zamasu brutally punishing Goku, wounding him heavily until Vegeta decides to merge forces with his Saiyan fellow, finally giving room to Vegitto’s shining entrance.


While the images of the battle between these two characters have not been revealed, an image of Goku and Vegeta separating and setting up for a final ki blast has been published. We have also noticed that Zamasu’s body did not show any kind of deformations, something that did happen in the anime, in which after receiving the impact of a full charged Kamehame- Ha, his body’s right side suffered from several alterations.

In addition, we haven’t seen anything related to Trunks, who at this point of the anime was resolved to face Zamasu. Anyway, the leaks have been short and we don’t know for true what will really happen in this new edition of the manga.

Another interesting thing we’ve noticed is that Vegitto will not use the Super Saiyan Red stage.

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On the edition of the manga it was thought that the fusion between Goku and Vegeta, was going to use this transformation to face the villain, but in the end it would seem that he will not be wasting any time in lesser transformations and will use the Super Saiyan Blue stage from scratch.

More and more differences between the anime and the manga

We honestly don’t know how the story will end, since as far as we can tell, Zamasu will not suffer from any deformations, while Vegitto’s apparition will be even shorter than it was on the anime. From our point of view, we think that the ending will be the same (Zen-oh showing up and eliminating the villain), but the question is how will events flow until that moment finally happens.


As far as we can see, Zamasu will not be suffering from any mortal weakness as it happened in the anime. Let’s hope that the ending of this saga is coherent and satisfying for everyone.