The Universe Survival Arc has taken the phenomenal anime series, “Dragon Ball Super” into additional heights. The highly anticipated battle royale will soon start and fans are anticipating that Akira Toriyama, the series’ creator has something on its sleeves. With a possible god-like female Broly and the time-skipping assassin Hit, the threat of total universe annihilation is impending.

Although we all know that the Z fighters along with the Androids are strong fighters, we also know that other universes have their own fighters with more powers than the fighters. There are reports of other universes hiring powerful warriors just to win in the upcoming battle.


However, what could possibly be Goku and his team’s special weapon aside from their own individual strength and power?


When the current arc is just starting, there were several theories predicting of a potential appearance of Gogeta. In addition, some are also considering the participation of Vegito. These two characters are products of fusion by the series’ powerful fighters Goku and Vegeta. With the fused characters, powers are doubled and maxed, which could give the team a greater chance at winning the battle royale.

Potara and Finger

Potara is a type of earring that is used to fuse two beings, with mortals lasting for one hour depending on the energy exerted. This can also apply to gods however, the fusion is permanent. Vegito is the product of Potara fusion. There is another type known as the Finger fusion. This one is the classic type known to many fans. The process involves a ritual dance and if successful lasts for 30 minutes.


The rules as announced by the Grand Priest, Daishinkan prohibits any use of accessories or weapons, thus ruling out the possibility of a Potara Fusion.


The only possible drawback is on how will the rules of the upcoming tournament will be if this technique is applied.

It is worth noting that according to the new rule, the universe with the most number of fighters present on the ring when the time expires will be declared the winner. If the team under Goku’s leadership perform 2 or more fusions, it is possible that Omni-King might not declare them winners.

Knowing Akira Toriyama and his ways of being so creative, it is possible that such feat could happen.

Building excitement among fans seeing fused characters win the battle royale and apparently making the expected and obvious turn otherwise is more likely of Toriyama’s plot. We will soon see when the battle royale starts in the Universe Survival Arc of the “Dragon Ball Super.”