The battle royale in the Universe Survival Arc of the “Dragon Ball Super” will show us another Z fighter that will do his Ultimate Sacrifice. As the plot of the phenomenal anime series develops, more twists in the story will happen.


Saiyans are legendary fighters. They were born as warriors and history tell us that they were once the powerful fighters of the universe. Looking back at the classic Z series, fans saw young Goku transform into a Gigantic beast-looking creature on a full moon.


In fact, when he was young he has a tail that looks like that of a monkey.

This race grows stronger as the battle grows fiercer. In addition, their power levels up when they are aggrieved or their loved ones were. This happened when Gohan defeated the Perfect Cell during the Z era. After seeing his father and his loved ones killed by invading Saiyans, the kid unleashed an unknown power that defeated their enemies.

Ultimate sacrifice

A recent theory floating in the web is suggesting that during the battle royal someone from the universe 7 will have to make a sacrifice.

According to the theory, Gohan has to die in order for Goku to go beyond his limits. In addition, it claims that the father and son tandem will lead the universe 7 with the son as the tactical leader.

This theory has a big potential of turning out accurate. However, the rules in the battle royale strictly prohibits killing. Unless of course, the Daishinkan, the Grand Priest will again change the rules of the tournament.

Plot of the Gods

Another possibility of the theory becoming true is if one of the fighters cheats their way and breaks the rules.


In a recent episode preview of the “Dragon Ball Super,” it was revealed that the gods convened and planned for the destruction of the universe 7 and its team captain.

Knowing that Gohan is the son of the universe’s team leader and also killing him as part of the plan is a big possibility.

In the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” we might get the chance to see or have an idea about what the gods are plotting against the Earth and its fighters. The only thing that is certain at this point is that the gods are blaming and wanted Goku.

In addition, the pressure is building right now as the one of the rules of the tournament involves the annihilation of the losing planet. It could be a product of both desperation and insane anger that the gods could even think of ways to make a scheme of killing an opponent in a battle that prohibits doing one.