"Dragon Ball Super" fans had a glimpse of a slimmer Majin Buu in the latest episode aired last Sunday. It also featured Goku who is still trying to complete the members of Universe 7. Fans are anticipating the appearance of Android 17 as well as the mysterious girl named Yurin.

The summary and title for the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" were recently released. Episode 86 and 87 will feature Goku and Android 17 while Episode 88 is about Gohan recruiting Piccolo. But that summary for Episode 89 is more intriguing since a girl named Yurin is mentioned. Said mysterious beautiful girl will visit the Tenshin-style dojo where Goku is heading to see Kame-sennin.

Is the new girl a Super Saiyan?

Some fans are speculating that the girl called Yurin is the female Broly or the female Super Saiyan.


It can be recalled that the preview video of DBS for the Universe Survival arc featured a female who transformed into a Super Saiyan. With this, some viewers concluded that Yurin is the name of the Female Broly.

But prior to the release of the Episode 89 summary, others think that the female Saiyan's name is Calli which means Cauliflower. It is noted that the names of the Saiyans are based on vegetables like Vegeta, Kakarot, and Cabba. Other theories state that the Saiyan fighter is probably from Universe 11 or Universe 6.

Will Launch return?

Anime creator Akira Toriyama admitted that he forgot about the character Launch. Fans of "Dragon Ball" will recall that Launch is the girlfriend of Tien Shinhan.

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She has a dual personality since she switches from a blue-haired girl to a blonde-haired girl every time she sneezes. She is a kind and friendly girl once she sports blue hair but her blonde version is the total opposite. Blonde-haired Launch is always angry and she tends to commit different crimes.

Despite having two different personalities, Launch fell in love with Tien and she would do everything for him. Due to her connection with Tien, it is easy for fans to conclude that Yurin is Launch in disguise. The summary for Episode 89 said that a mysterious beautiful girl will visit the dojo of Tien which means that this could be Launch trying to see Tien. Also mentioned in the summary is the line that says "calling herself Yurin" which may indicate that she is just using a different name as a disguise.


Aside from the theories above, it is also possible that Yurin is a totally new character. What would be her role in "Dragon Ball Super"? Why is she visiting Tien? We will find out soon in the upcoming episodes of the anime.