Time has passed since the end of the Trunks saga of the Future in the anime. The saga left a bad aspect inasmuch as Zamasu, when merging with the universe, Annihilated the entire human race, leaving only Mai and Trunks as survivors. The end of Zamasu would come after the appearance of Zeno, Which the same universe disappears including the same "immortal" god. However, after that event, the Zeno of the future was taken by Goku and company to the past, to find the Zeno that we all know and thus give way to the tournament of power.


The facts

Although it was never clear that Zeno disappeared, it is estimated that this universe disappeared from Trunks, that is, the seventh universe.

If so, what happened to the high Priest of the future?

We know that Zeno did not disappear to the 12 universes of the future, and having done such an act, we are supporters and believers that Daishinkan at this point and after millions of years of coexistence with the all-powerful little god, must have some way to avoid its disappearance by Zeno's hand, so the life of Daishinkan (from our point of view) it would not be compromised in spite of the terrible technique of the king of all.

where is he now? What position do you hold? Why not come in search of his king?

These three questions are undoubtedly interesting, and then try to answer them. And then try to answer them.

  • First we think that Daishinkan continues in the world of Zeno, where the 12 universes are located. We think that not being the king of everything, he has taken control of that future, being the present king of everything of momentary form.
  • As mentioned above, the position that the priest occupies in the future - to continue there - would be the king of all, since Zeno is not present and the position of the priest is the highest after the possession of the little god.
  • Because he does not come to look for Zeno is an extremely complex question. In the first instance, we think that it does not for the sole purpose of not breaking the rule of temporary travel. As we well know, such space-time travels are prohibited by the priest himself, so he would break his own unshakable rules. On the other hand - although less likely - Daishinkan may already be tired of the same Zeno and the "disappearance" of this has meant a great peace for the priest.

Finally - adding something more to this last answer - it is possible that the time that Zeno takes without appearing in the future is not something to worry about.


Surely the times of Zeno and Daishinkan are not the same as that of mortals and it may take thousands of years for Daishinkan to search for him and realize his absence. Something very coherent based on the chronology and life of a god.