In episode 86 of “Dragon Ball Super," Kami spoke to Goku about Uub and suggested that the Saiyan that should become the young boy’s Master. It would seem that after this Universe survival saga, the reincarnation of Evil Buu will gain a lot of notoriety in the series, and we will surely see them training and fighting again in some possible future tournament. This also means that surely a new and more powerful villain will appear to test their strength.

These are the different roads the next saga may take:



Universe 7 will surely have some sort of rivalry with some other universe. Let’s remember that of the 12 universes that actually exist, only 8 will participate in the tournament for survival, so it is possible that a new villain may come from the remaining 4 universes which have a higher average in terms of mortal level.

2). We can also see a saga about the dragons, the Super Dragon Balls of Zarama or Earths very own "Dragon Balls" may expel evil energy and see a new saga of evil dragons such as in GT.

This may lead into the alliance between the remaining universes to defeat this new and terribly powerful threat.

So far we have not seen all the Angels in action, and it may also be a possibility that Akira Toriyama is saving them for some final battle to end “Dragon Ball Super." It may be the chance to see them fighting for the first time against evil.

Possibly, Zen-oh may be hiding something. As we all know, every powerful God has his own rival, his Satan, and perhaps some really powerful and evil deity may break free from isolation.


In any case, we expect Uub to become a really strong warrior with such a power level that he may be capable of aiding Goku in his battles to protect the universe from the dark threats that may haunt it.

We also know that there are 6 inactive Angels, and that may be the key point for a future saga. In the same matter, we also expect the Saiyans from Universe 6 to fulfill an important role in the future of the franchise. Vegeta may also visit Cabba’s Planet.

What we know about the future of the series

“Dragon Ball Super” will surely have more than 200 episodes because there is a big chance that Universe 7 will come into conflict with some of the other universes with high average mortal level.

It is possible that a new villain may appear and that all the universes and even Zen-oh himself will be threatened. Maybe Zen-oh isn’t the strongest being of all.

It is also probable that we will see the Angels fight at some point in the series since they are very strong characters and it would be a waste not seeing them fight. Uub will have to train really hard to keep up with Goku’s pace and earn the title of the most powerful human.