All Dragon Ball Super fans are expecting to see again on the screen one of the most anticipated characters since the beginning of this new arc. Lapis, better known as the Android 17, will return to the series after many sagas out. The last time he was seen on the scene was in the Buu saga, when it gave energy to Goku for genkidama in a very thrilling scene. Now, he will return to be part of the team of the seventh universe in the power tournament.

The information

Recently, thanks to the magazine Animedia, information of this personage was revealed from the hand of the producer of the series, Hiroyuki Sakurada. We will review the information disclosed below. Android 17 is an artificial human created by Dr. Gero to assassinate Goku, but eventually ends up destroying the life of its creator.


Almost 10 years have passed of those events, and Dende tells Goku that Number 17 is on a large island in the South, watching the sunset above a jeep. Now he is calmer and a gentleman. He is married and also has a family.

Goku and 17 are known only by name, so this will be the first time they meet. The question here is whether the droid can control himself by seeing Goku. Let’s not forget that this was rebuilt and programmed to end the life of the Saiyan. However, Mr. Sakurada confirms that he can clearly do so.

Interview recap

-What are the qualities of Android 17?

He's great, handsome and has a young mind. Even when he was looking for Goku to kill him, he did everything as if it were a game.

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-"How can we say or confirm that 17 has become a knight?"

He is a gentleman especially with the nature that is around him. Because unlike humans, animals and plants have very basic needs just want to live in peace surrounded by their natural environment. Its values are quite special, so he will not readily accept Goku's proposal. He is one of those people that if you tell him that Earth will be destroyed he probably thinks something like "Well, that's it." Worse still, I might say something like "And what?" when he hears the truth.

-As a fanatic, what do you expect from the first fight between Goku and 17?

He has not had many fights in the original story, neither in the animation until now.


Apparently, Akira Toriyama has never had the opportunity to make known his full strength, but he gave us his consent to do so, saying that 17 has enormous potential.

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