Some important news has come out recently along with the official synopsis of episode 86, in which we will see how it’s going to be the first meeting between Son Goku and Android 17. In the previews of episode 86 we’ve been able to see both Goku and 17 actively working together to prevent some aliens from hunting in the forest protected by Android 17, and later, as a way of giving thanks for the aid given, he will accept Goku’s proposal of joining the fight in the Tournament of Power.

Regarding the next episodes, the recruitment of the last members of the team is finally over: Piccolo will join the team requested by Gohan, who will also ask the namekian to train him once more and purge him of his weakness.

Gohan will finally become the warrior he once was, but let’s see how much can he improve in the short time left before the beginning of the tournament.

On the other hand, Goku will recruit his longtime friend Tienshin Han, of whom we’ve known very little since the Cell Games, doing only sporadic apparitions from that moment on.

Episode 87:Hunting poachers — Goku and Android 17 join forces

After Android 17 declines the invitation to join the tournament, Goku seeks the way of convincing him otherwise without any success, but while they were speaking something unexpected happen. Both of them sense that an unknown presence draws near as the skies turn dark and a spaceship appears in a suspicious way.

Now the time for fighting together has come and Goku and 17 will have to team up to fight and defeat this new menace.

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After the battle is over, Android 17 reconsiders his decision and finally accepts Goku’s proposal to enter the Tournament of Power.

Episode 88: An intensive training to unlock their true power!

After visiting his mentor, Gohan will explain Piccolo the new troubles his father has got into, and that they need his help in the tournament, since they know that Piccolo is an excellent strategist and knows how to synergize perfectly in group battles. But before accepting the request, Piccolo will train his apprentice once more to unleash his true hidden power and turn him into a warrior again.

Episode 89: a mysterious beauty appears — the mystery at Tienshin Han’s dojo

Synopsis: After recruiting Android 17, Goku heads to Master Roshi’s place, but when he arrives he finds only Oolong who tells him that Master Roshi is at Tienshin Han’s dojo. A beautiful girl named Yurin visits the dojo, but there is something odd in her.

Those have been the titles and synopses of the next episodes that will be released during April and the first days of May. Will you miss them?