The action continues in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super.” As the father and son Saiyan fighters reunite, recruit, and spar fighters of the universe 7, fans were reintroduced to the characters that were previously featured in the previous installments of the phenomenal anime series.

In Episode 86, we all saw the improvement of Android 17 in all aspects. He raised his own family, settled down on an island with two adopted kids and a child of his own, and even worked as a park ranger to protect the wildlife on the island. We saw how he easily deflected SSB Goku’s Kamehameha as well.

Ranking of gods of destruction, supreme kais, and angels

TOEI Animation recently revealed the ranking of each universe’s supreme kai, god of destruction and angel.


The ranking is based on the quality of mortal inhabitants. The scale is from highest to lowest. The top rank among all the universes is Universe 1 with Ivan, Anato, and Awamo. U12 ranked second, led by the Giin, Ugg, and Matinu. The third is U5 which consist of Arak, Ocuma, and Kukateru.

U8 was ranked fourth, composed of Liquir, IL, and Korun. In the fifth spot is U11 with the already popular Vermouth, Kai and Makarita. U2 followed at rank six, consisting of Jerez, Peru, and Saur. In at number seven is U3 with Mosco, Aire and Kanpari. U10 followed at rank eight with Ramushi, Gowazu and Cus.

U4 trailed behind at rank nine with Kitela, Kuru and Cognac. The fan-favorite U6 is only ranked tenth by Toei Animation, with Champa, Fuwa and Vados. Goku’s universe ranked eleventh with Bills, Shin and Wiss. Finally, U9 finished with Shidora, Rou and Mojito.

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Exempt universes

During the Tournament of Power in the Universal Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super,” only eight universes will face each other in a battle royale. The Grand Priest revealed the four other universes that are exempt from the tournament. This includes U1, U12, U5 and U8. According to speculation, the Tournament of Power is just a way to wipe out the universes with the lowest quality of mortal life.

The Supreme Universe

Ranked as the highest on the list, U1 is also called the Supreme Universe. To be tagged as the best is quite a feat. Described as a master tactician, the Supreme Kai Anato has the skill to foresee things. He is very unpredictable and calm. The greatest god of destruction Iwan appears like the god Shiva and seems to be always unfazed.


Awamo is the best among all the angels in the multiverse of “Dragon Ball Super.”