In the exhibition tournament held by Zeno and Daishinkan, it was revealed that some Universes are in crisis due to the shortage of life and poor conditions. While we know that the best universes are universes 1, 5, 8 and 12, we did not know what position the rest were in. Those doubts ended today, as the Toei website revealed this interesting data, along with the names of the angels of each world. Next, we show you the table that shows us the new information.

The plot

1). U1. Gods: Ivan, Anato and Awamo.

2). U12. Gods: Giin, Ugg and Matinu.

3). U5. Gods: Arak, Oguma and Kukateru.

4). U8. Gods: Liquir, IL and Korun.

5). U11. Gods: Vermouth, Kai and Markarita.

6). U2. Gods: Jerez, Peru and Saur.


7). U3. Gods: Mosco, Aire and Kanpari.

8). U10. Gods: Ramushi, Gowazu and Cus.

9). U4. Gods: Kitela, Kuru and Cognac.

10). U6. Gods: Champa, Fuwa and Vados.

11). U7. Gods: Bills, Shin and Wiss.

12). U9. Gods: Shidora, Rou and Mojito.

Additional information

That is the scale of the best Universe to the worst, in addition to revealing all the names of the known angels. Among the surprises is that the universe of the Clown god is ranked fifth.

On the other hand, we see that the world of Ivan is the best Universe to live in, as it also has a better quality of humans overall. Along with that it is mentioned that the Gods of destruction of the best worlds are very boring because in their universes there is nothing to destroy due to the great work done, and this tournament will serve to entertain them.

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Finally, the already known universe of Gowazu is in the 8th place in quality of life, while the universe of Champa is in tenth. However, all of the above mentioned are in optimal positions compared to the Universes of Beerus and Shidora, who are the worst in every sense and the closest to disappearing.

At the moment this has been the latest information relating to "Dragon Ball Super." Stay tuned for further updates as they become available. Also, be sure to catch the next, all-new episode of "Dragon Ball Super."