Since its creation, we have always witnessed the increase in strength by most characters when they reach a new level. The powers for obvious reasons, rose so high that it was sometimes impossible to believe.

However, it is very likely that we will soon witness a new phase that Goku presents to us. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been lead to believe by the presentation of the new opening of the Animated Series. For starters, it may not necessarily be considered a transformation, as it is perhaps a variable of the use of the blue god kaioken technique.

Therefore, in this note, we bring you the four possible theories that explain Goku’s new transformation.


-Goku will be the antihero: an evil transformation

One of the theories with the biggest reputation in the last few day is one in which the father of Gohan could be the antihero of the new saga of the gods. In fact, the same Akira Toriyama confessed that the protagonist is only interested in fighting and being selfish because he only fights for his own pleasure, without thinking about the consequences that can occur for the rest. A clear and recent example, is the beginning of the tournament of the twelve universes, or popularly known now as the tournament of power.

This tournament starts practically at the immediate request of Son Gokú, without thinking that because of his fault, the universes that lose in the match, will be eradicated forever.

A transformation that surpasses the Super Saiyan Blue God.

Some have given him the nickname of Super Saiyan Red. But nothing is confirmed for the moment. Let's wait and see what the surprising new plot is about. Although it would almost be impossible for something like that to happen, as we have seen previously, the Saiyan has had almost more than 7 transformations so one more, would not be bad.


The perfect domination of the Blue God Kaioken.

The third theory is perhaps one of the most approved by most fans, who assert that it is not a new transformation, but rather the complete official domination of the kaioken technique. However, the maximum he can take has been increased ten times, but this causes him some terrible damage, to the point of leaving his body totally out of control. So, the limit used is to multiply it by ten. Finally, the fourth theory indicates that it’s nothing of the previously mentioned.

It is simply a return to the base mode to be able to fight against the enemy that has appeared to him.