In some days, one of the characters most beloved by fans of yesteryear in the series will appear on the scene. Tenshinhan, is a historical of Dragon Ball, and now returns to defend the seventh universe of his disappearance in a Tournament that promises to be spectacular.

According to the information we have been given, Tenshinhan has put a dojo, place where the teacher of Goku is going to visit it. In turn, the Saiyan will go to find Master Roshi and will run into him, Surprising due to the abrupt growth of Power that it has suffered.


The last time we saw this character in action, was in the saga of the resurrection of Frieza, facing dozens of enemies. Although tired by the large amount, Tenshinhan defeated a large number of soldiers of the emperor of the universe with ease and showing incredible ability.


In addition to that, he repeatedly used his special technique called "Kikoho".

For those who may not know, the power of Tenshinhan in the saga of Buu was 5,000,000. Being this level inferior to the level of the Super Saiyan ordinary of the saga Namek. Similarly, the power of Tenshinhan is impressive and- most likely - is that in the years after that event your KI has increased.

Nevertheless, the Tournament of Power will not only be won with force, but the strategy and techniques will be key in that event. It is here that Tenshinhan is of great use. So far, all members of the 7th Universe team have been given a "power up". In the first place Krilin, has become a genius strategist in the fight overnight, Majin Buu got in shape and, as a consequence, increased its power while the power of Number 17 shown in the last episode was abysmal.

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Then, after seeing all these unusual increases in energy, It is not strange that the power of Tenshinhan has undergone a change or perhaps this better control some of its techniques.

The Kikoho

Precisely, speaking of control, we estimate that Tenshinhan at this point has an impressive control of his most powerful technique, The Kikoho. Being able to control this technique adequately will undoubtedly be of great help to the Universe 7 and for the same Ten, since it is a technique of great impact and scope, with which it will be able to defeat to several enemies of a strong impact without that it affects it. Besides that, do not forget that he learns the Kaioken with Kaio-Sama, although he was never seen using it in a battle.


From our perspective, even if I have learned this technique, Tenshinhan was never able to control her completely and that is why she never risked using it.