We know that Champa ordered Kyabe to invite more Saiyan warriors to join universe 6’s team for the universal tournament and that the God of destruction wants soldiers stronger than the young Saiyan.

These are the warriors confirmed so far:

Botamo, Magetta, Frost, Kyabe, Hit and probably the woman that resembles Broly will be the main core of Universe 6’s team, although the latter is yet to be confirmed. Kyabe mentioned that Vegeta reminds him of his king since he is also a very proud and powerful, so it is probable than The king of the Saiyans from Universe 6 will also join the team to defend his Universe.


Champa feels that his team may lose, so the only way to increase their chances of survival is to recruit more Saiyans. He has even said that he wishes that Hit had nine more brothers because he feels that his warriors will be easily defeated in the tournament organized by Zen-oh.

Kyabe was the first Saiyan of his Universe to reach the Super Saiyan stage thanks to Vegeta’s help, and he will probably help all of his fellow Saiyans to increase their power. Maybe he can manage to make them reach the Super Saiyan 1 stage, and with any luck, some may even reach SSJ stage 2.

Universes 6 and 7 are twins, so it is possible than the king of the Saiyans from Universe 6 has some similar physical features to those of Vegeta’s, and we may even see some Saiyans with the same physical template to those of the old ones introduced in the early episodes of "Dragon Ball Z". We may even see someone that looks similar to Bardock, after all the Saiyan woman we can see in the opening does share a lot of physical aspects with Broly.

So far, what is certain is that Hit is the strongest warrior Universe 6 has, but he has worked alone for a thousand years. Still, he may know of some mighty warriors that Champa may consider recruiting for his team.


What can we expect to see in the next episodes?

Just like the other deities, Champa will have to recruit a total of 10 warriors to participate in the tournament organized by Zen-oh, so he will possibly make all the Saiyans of his Universe train very hard and pick only the ones with the best performance to complete the grid of his team.

Magetta is a very powerful robot that will not be easily be pushed out of the ring, so it’s possible that the only way to defeat him is to make a huge hole in the ring to make him fall into the void.

In the same way, Botamo is a warrior that can counter the techniques of any warrior, so in order to defeat him, he will have to be carried out of the ring, which will not be easy.