We know that the destroying god Champa ordered Kyabe to invite more Saiyan warriors to participate in the universal tournament. Champa said he wants Saiyans more powerful than Kyabe. The confirmed team 6 warriors are: Botamo, Hit, Magetta, Frost and Kyabe. The Broly woman would probably be part of the Champa team, but will be confirmed in due course.

Kyabe mentioned that Vegeta reminds him of his king, since hisking is very powerful and proud as Vegeta. So most likely this means the king of the planet of Kyabe will participate in the universal tournament.


Who else will be fighting?

Champa feels that his team could lose so the only way to win is for more Saiyans to appear; even Champa commented that I hope Hit has 9 brothers, as he feels that his fighters will be easily defeated in the Zeno Sama tournament otherwise.

Kyabe is the first super Saiyan of his planet that managed to transform thanks to the help of Vegeta, Kyabe would probably help all the Saiyan players who will participate in the tournament. At least manage to transform into phase one and perhaps some of these are prodigious warriors will reach Phase 2 after their training.

Hit is the most powerful warrior in the universe 6, hit has always worked alone for a thousand years, but possibly he also knows some powerful warriors whom Champa would ask the favor to invite them, It is necessary to emphasize that Hit is a solitary personage, so maybe he'd invite a warrior he knows.

Universe rivalry in the works

The universe 6 and 7 are two twin universes, so possibly the king of the planet of Kyabe, has physical traits similar to Vegeta and possibly we will see Saiyans with physical features similar to the old Saiyan warriors of the universe 7, It is rumored that the king of the Saiyans of universe 6 is Kyabe's father.


There might still be hopes for a warrior very similar to Bardock in the universe 6, since even the woman Broly shares physical traits similar to the warrior Broly.

In the next chapters of the series, the destroying god Champa, like all gods, will recruit a total of 10 warriors to participate in the tournament of Zeno Sama. Champa will probably make the Saiyajin of your universe come in very hard and finally the 10 representatives of the universe 6 will meet, for the moment there is no new Information on these new warriors but we will be informing you about any news about the series Dragon Ball Super, do not forget to share this note with your friends and leave your comment about it, see you in a next article.