Lapis, better known as the Android 17, returned to the series after many years. The return of this character was expected from his first appearance on the poster advertising the new saga, and after so much waiting we were shown his return and his encounter with Goku.

The plot

While everyone talks about the incredible growth in power, the Android proved to be someone completely different from what we saw in the saga of Cell. In the first instance, we saw a very quiet Android 17. This calm and internal peace that we notice in Lapis can be attributed to life on a peaceful island where nature prevails, far from society and the complications of this one.

The android lived to protect the animals from poachers, being a guardian of natural life.

Additional Information

We can see that he has also become a grown man, so to speak, and something that contrasts with his youthful appearance, because he speaks with much love for his wife and son. In addition to this, Android 17 has 2 adopted children whom he loves and works every day tirelessly to give everything they need. In addition to the demonstrated maturity and calm we saw in him, we noticed that over the years he has become a very thoughtful being who analyzes situations very well.

In spite of knowing that the Universe could disappear due to the Power Tournament, this one analyzes the situation, and with great logic reiterates a refusal to participate in this event since it would be the end of everything.

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In addition to this, Lapis proved to be very perceptive, realizing immediately that Goku was hiding something. The incoherent tale of the Tournament and the 10 million Zenis did not square in the mind of the Android, realizing that the arrival of Goku to the Island brought with it an imminent danger.

The radical change of Lapis in attitude is extremely favorable for the team of the seventh Universe, since Lapis used to be very arrogant, confident, badly educated, and resembling a teenager. In addition, his power is great and will certainly be of great help in the Tournament.