As the Tournament of Power is fast approaching in “Dragon Ball Super” fans are making their own bets as to which Universe will reign supreme. The obvious pick is universe 7 where the Z fighters represent the Earth. However, there are several fans that are also rooting for another universe aside from 7. One of the top favorites is universe 6 because it is Earth's closest universe and because of another obvious reason.

Female Brolly

In the earlier trailer of the Universe Survival Arc, a female who turned into a Super Saiyan made a lot of noise in the Dragon Ball fandom.


That was the first time ever a female from a Saiyan race was introduced in the phenomenal anime series’ history. The character was seen in the process of her transformation in a very quick trailer released for the series. In addition, fans also noticed another interesting feature about her; that her physical feature resembles that of Broly. She had the villain’s blazing eyes, hair, and even his build in her transformed form.

Universe 6 prepares

The most recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” showed to the viewers the preparation that universe 6 is doing for the Tournament of Power.

It was seen that Champa, the particular universe’s god of destruction commanded Vados to look for Cabba. In their universe, Cabba is one of the most powerful fighters. Upon responding to the god’s call, Cabba was told by Champa that their universe needs a powerful fighter who is stronger than he is. In fact, the god specifically instructed him to look for Saiyans.

It is a general knowledge among fans of the popular anime series that the fighter will recruit a girl fighter that everyone in the real world was previously talking about.


If she is more powerful than universe 6 powerful fighter and ascended from the bloodline of Vegeta, then it seems that she will really spell trouble for the Z fighters during the battle royal.

Power level

In the series, the power level is a staple commodity. Every fighter train very hard to reach their limits or even break through them. It is worth noting that during Cabba and Vegeta's fight, the Prince recognized his power. In fact, he acknowledged that his opponent from the neighboring universe has the same power as he has in base form.

With different approaches to leveling up, at this point in the series, only Goku and Vegeta were able to maximize their potential. These two valiant fighters learned how to use their respective god kis, thus, they were able to reach their full potential. It would be a hell of a surprise for them to see a female fighter transform into Broly who was known as a powerful god in his ultimate form.

Will the Female Broly look-alike possess the same power as the legendary warrior? Fans will see more of this character in the Tournament of Power.


It appears that more characters are being introduced in the Universe Survival Arc of the fan-favorite “Dragon Ball Super.”