There are still numerous grounds not covered in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super.” With the way the events unfold, fans still get surprises every now and then popping up in several episodes of the series.

Episode 83 recap

The 83rd episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is a lighter touch to the action-packed episode fans previously witnessed. Bra was introduced, as the episode centered on her untimely and unusual birth. In addition, fans got to see the other side of Vegeta, who was seen very attached to his wife until she had given birth.

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Several non-fighting characters like Chichi were also featured.

In the past, there have been some teasers and hints pointing to the Demon Realm. At present, no one has a clue when this will be unveiled in the anime series.

When the series introduced the gods of destruction of the multiverse the entire story expanded to a whole new set of characters that made it more exciting. It is also one of the biggest revelations so far. Here is some background about the Demon Realm.

Demon Realm

The dominion, also known as the Devil World or the Dark Demon Realm is located at the top-most part of the universe. The place is not part of the living world. In addition, it is a designated physical plain, which is opposite to the known universe.

History and characters

The Demon Realm is a dark world formed by a legion of evil wizards. It is a space where the evils were imprisoned. It is also a place where the demon races and entities called Makaioshin thrive. This world is outside of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Kais and even they, with all their powers, are not fully aware of the things happening there.

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In the manga, not much was revealed about this place aside from the detail that Dabura once ruled it. In addition, it is the hideout of characters for mages like Bidibi and his son Badibi. Given that there are multiple universes, are there also multiple demon realms?According to some analysts, it is possible that there exists a devil world for each universe. One significant example is the evil Kai Zamazu. In the dark realm, the evil kai is referred to as Makaioshin.

The upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 85 reveals that gods are plotting a scheme for Goku and Universe 7. Is it possible that one of the plans is to send Goku to that place? Or maybe, bring one of the evil entities to Universe 7 and have it destroyed?