Fans of the hit anime television series, "Dragon Ball Super," are currently looking forward to the battle royale against the different universes that will be taking place at the tournament of Power.

However, it has now officially been three months since the series has jumped into its latest "Universal Survival" arc, but there seems to be no indication of the tournament beginning any time soon.

No fights in sight

Ever since the end of the preliminary matches between Universe 7 and Universe 9, there hasn't really been much action that has been featured in any of the new "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Goku is currently in the processes of recruiting the ten fighters he needs for the tournament, which has of course already been revealed thanks to the series' obvious new opening intro.


Stretching it out with filler episodes

The series is currently going through what some in the industry call a "mini-arc," where the show is now focusing on a side-quest type of storyline that is still related to the main story.

Based on the recently leaked titles of the next three episodes, fans will likely have a while to wait a while until the fighting actually begins. Despite there being just 23 Hours and 20 minutes left until the Tournament of Power, fans will likely have to wait for a few more weeks until it actually begins within the anime.

Leaked titles

Thanks to translations from fans over in Japan, the titles for episode 90 up to episode 92 have been revealed. As previously mentioned, the titles indicate a few more episodes of planning and training that will be taking place, which means that the tournament may still be a few episodes away from actually taking place.

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Episode 90, titled "Overcoming the Wall! Goku x Gohan," reveals that Goku may try to test his son's current power level and perhaps help him reach Super Saiyan God. Episode 91, "The Mightiest Warriors Assemble," may be the episode where fans will get to see the warriors get together for the first time to prepare for the tournament.

Episode 92, titled "All the Members Aren’t Here?," sounds like it could lead to further mini-arc episodes, where Goku and rest would have to find out the whereabouts of one of their members. According to some fans, the likely members of Universe 7's team that will be late for the tournament is Majin Buu or Vegeta.


The Saiyan Prince recently got a newborn daughter and she will likely be the cause for his delayed arrival. On the other hand, Majin Buu has always been unpredictable and is known to either outright miss his appointments or go off on his own.