Just as everyone else is excited about the meeting of Goku and Android 17 in the next episode of the universe survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super,” Toriyama added another spice to the exciting series. Another action filled episode for fans of the phenomenal anime series.


Recently, V Jump Magazine and TOEI released several spoilers for the upcoming episode. Todd Blankenship translated the latest reveal to English. Another set of new characters will be introduced as the plot thickens before the highly anticipated battle royale.

In the upcoming episode, fans will get to see Goku team up with Android 17 as they fight against Galactic Poachers. It is worth noting that the Saiyan initially invited the park ranger to fight with him in the tournament of power.


However, he was turned down.

Aside from that, the upcoming episode will introduce the poachers who captured the animals in the island where the great park ranger resides. Seeing a chance to fight and also to earn the nod of the fighter for his invitation, the fan-favorite antagonist joined him as he rescues the animals and fights against the thieves.

Galactic poachers

Anywhere in the universe, there will always be good and evil, and these guys belong to the darker side. Galactic poachers are a band of animal-nabbing thieves on a mission to capture and sell wildlife. They travel to other universes and planets to amass different kinds of species. As Galactic poachers, it is anticipated that they too possess combat skill, powers, and even weapons for their operations to be successful.

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From the spoilers, it is evident that the poachers are strong and powerful because Goku even joined the park ranger and soon-to-be universe seven fighter in defeating them. There are several speculations from “Dragon Ball Super” theorists that after a long time, it is possible for Doctor Gero’s creation to have his power amped.

Since the theory about them being capped is already proven wrong by 18’s giving birth, it is most likely that her twin has made extra efforts to level up his power and skills. One theory points out that it is possible for the fighter to have developed the ability to absorb power.


This skill was seen in “DB: Heroes” and most likely will be seen soon in the battle royale.

It is also possible for the Android turned park ranger to have developed the ability like that of cell in a different way. The theory of absorbing opponents’ power is a solid one and could make 18’s twin a powerful and perfect android just like the Perfect Cell.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 87 will be aired on Sunday, April 23. Episode 86 will be aired on April 19 titled, "Fists Cross for the First Time! Android No. 17 vs. Son Goku!!"