A few moments ago, and thanks to one of the already known Japanese TV guides, the provisional Titles of episodes 90, 91 and 92 of "Dragon Ball Super" have been revealed. These titles show at first very little information, but are very interesting nonetheless. In the following lines we will share them with you.

Episode 90

Release Date: May 14th.

Title: "Break through the walls. Goku and Gohan!"

Episode 91

Release date: May 21st.

Título: "The strongest warriors unite."

Episode 92

Release date: May 28th

Title: "Incomplete members."

These have been the provisional titles for the next episodes.


As you can see, the most interesting title (and the one that will surely be the subject of further analysis), is the one of episode 90, which mentions that Goku and Gohan will break the walls of their power, and grow stronger. But what exactly does this mean?

From our point of view, we believe that both father and son will have a sparring match that will surely serve as the last step to obtain an amazing power. It would also seem that Goku and Gohan’s relationship has grown very close once more, such as it was back in Cell’s saga where both of them helped each other obtain a unique power.

In episode 91 there is a mention of a meeting between Warriors. This title suggests that the warriors of the 8th Universe involved in the Tournament of Power are finally gathered and ready to depart for Munokai (Realm of the Void).

The title of episode 92 suggests that one of the 8 teams involved in the multiverse tournament is lacking one member. Which universe could be one member short is still a mystery, but we can presume that given the short notice given by Daishinkan to assemble a team of 10 warriors.


Yet it could also be just a fill-up episode prior to the Tournament with the sole objective of adding suspense and make the fans’ expectations rise, after all this will be the greatest event in the history of the show.

Regrettably, this information confirms that there are still many episodes to come before the Tournament of Power begins (to be exact, more than a month).