An official image in which we can see the first meeting between Goku and Android 17 has leaked out. We know that Gohan’s father and Android 18’s brother have never met before, so the image you can see and that was promoted in a famous Japanese magazine shows us a glimpse of how this meeting will be.

Let’s remember that Android 17’s mission was to kill Goku, but the apparition of Cell in the story caused that both warriors never met (while Goku was waiting to enter the hyperbolic chamber, 17 was being absorbed by Cell)

On episode 86, Goku will invite Android 18’s brother to join Universe 7’s team, but the question is if Android 17 will be capable of handling himself and not kill Goku at first sight, after all, he was re-constructed and programmed to do so.


In answer to this, the producer of the series Hiroyuki Sakurai confirmed us that Android 17 will be capable of handle himself and will not attack the Saiyan.

The interview made to the producer reveals the following:

Regarding the context in which both characters will meet, it is confirmed that after Cell’s saga Android 17 has become a very gentle being that devoted his life to the protection of green places and natural wildlife becoming a ranger and taking care of a forest. If you can recall, this was Android 16’s last wish before Cell destroyed him, so to honor his memory, Android 17 decided to take the path of the Ranger and protect the natural wildlife of a forest in the southern isles.

But now the question lies in how will Android 17 react when he first sees Goku and hears his proposal. For all we know about Android 18’s brother, he may very well not care if the Universe is destroyed and refuse to join the team, but he may also agree to accept the invitation as a way to protect the natural wildlife of Earth.

As a note of color, we can add that the Japanese audience is very thrilled with Android 17’s comeback since he has many fans in that country and he is admired because of the great battle he and Piccolo had in "Dragon Ball Z."

What we’ve gathered from the preview of the episode:

While 17 was watching through his scopes for poachers, Goku shows up and says “hi” in his traditional way.


After a brief chat, both warriors begin a friendly match in which Goku will probably test his rival’s strength and realize how strong he has become. After that, they will have to team up to defeat some aliens who will try to abduct the natural wildlife of the forest.

All these information was revealed by the Animedia magazine and by Mr. Sakurada who reassures Android 17’s potential.