The edition this month of the V-Jump magazine came with the manga 23 of "Dragon Ball Super," along with some very interesting data regarding the female Saiyan that appears in the new opening of the series, and will participate in the Tournament of Power. Without any doubt, the addition of this character brought with it many questions regarding the undeniable resemblance with Toei’s character Broly, who is very acclaimed by the fandom for his insane power and his psychotic behavior.

Regardless of the notorious resemblance between this female character and the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, it would seem that this girl is very different.

Character’s characteristics:

First of all, it is mentioned that the character has no Saiyan tail.


As you all know, the Saiyans of Universe 7 are known for their characteristic monkey tail, which is the main physical trait that distinguishes their race from that of the earthlings (Tsufur). Apart from that, her origin is still a mystery since it is not mentioned whether she is from Universe 6 or Universe 7.

Even though her universe of origin is not mentioned, we can pretty much infer where is she from, since, in episode 85, Champa requests that Cabba bring with him the strongest Saiyans he can find to join Universe 6’s team for the Tournament of Power. Let’s remember that the teams that are defeated in the contest will be eliminated from existence, along with their universe of origin.

This request of Champa reveals that this female Saiyan will probably come from Universe 6, and also, the fact that she has no tail implies that she cannot be a Saiyan from Universe 7.

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We must also remember that in Universe 7 the Saiyan race is almost extinct. Apart from all these facts, we must also add that Universe 7’s team is complete, one more reason to conclude that she may be from Universe 6.

Could she be Cabba’s sister?

Something to note is that while she is not transformed into Super Saiyan, this female Saiyan has a tremendous resemblance to Cabba. All of these clues suggest that she is from Universe 6, and also that she may even be Cabba's elder sister.

Fans will likely find out more about her character as "Dragon Ball Super" continues.