The Universe Survival Arc of "Dragon Ball Super" has brought in the series new characters that fans started to love. In addition, the plot has been subject to so many twists that it is hard to pre-empt what is going to happen next. In the previous week, fans saw the 86th episode of the anime and Android 17 was reintroduced in his stronger and best form as a park ranger. Aside from him, Dende was also visited by Goku and fans got an idea about Uub.


In his Twitter account, the ever-reliable Ken Xyro posted an image of a translated schedule of the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." While he is not confirming anything, from the image, we can infer that the battle royale in the Tournament of Power will not take place until episode 92.


Break through the walls Goku X Gohan

From the image, episode 90 will be titled, Break through the walls Goku X Gohan. It is worth noting that from the previously revealed spoilers, episode 89 will see the team leader of Universe 7 pay visit to another Z fighter, Tien Shinhan. While the event prior to that revealed Gohan paying a visit to his mentor and friend Piccolo and getting trained.

From the title, we can infer that upon the completion of their recruitment for the fighters that will represent Universe 7, the father and son Saiyan will fight each other. Perhaps, the title is referring to a training fight where Goku would test his son's skills and power after undergoing rigid training from Piccolo and achieving his mystic form.

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It is always Piccolo who knows the fighter way back when he was still a kid. Most probably it is just a warm-up fight. This episode is scheduled to air on May 14.

Strongest warriors unite

The 91st episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on May 21. From the title, we are given the idea that Goku and Gohan have finished their task of gathering all the fighter for Universe 7. Most likely it will be a meeting of some kind where all of them share their thoughts on how to win in the battle royale.

Another event that the title is referring to is the possibility that the entire multiverse that will participate in the Tournament of Power will gather and will travel to the World of Void where the battle royale will take place. The title did not specifically identify, which universe will gather.


It makes sense since the tournament is indeed the gathering of all the best and strongest warriors in the entire multiverse.

Incomplete members

On May 28, episode 92 of "Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to air. Since the summary is still not released, the titles alone are really getting the best out of the fans literally. The fan theories are amazing, which simply shows how deep the knowledge and connections the fandom have for the phenomenal anime series. One theory is about Buu getting shafted from the battle royale because he had overslept. This has happened in the previous arc but repeating this would just disappoint fans.

Since the name of the universe was not mention, it could still be possible that the title does not at all refer to universe 7 but to another universe. Most likely another participating universe has incomplete members and it would trigger for another delay in the tournament.

These are all theories for now. We will keep you posted as soon as we get more information. In the next days, hopefully, the summary will be released so until then, let us hope that Akira Toriyama will not do anything in "Dragon Ball Super" that will break his fans' heart.