The 23rd manga of "Dragon Ball Super" was recently leaked online. We could see how the fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu, which has the name of the last whipped and harshly punished both pure Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta, forcing them to execute the fusion as the last means to achieve victory.

After joining forces and giving life once more to the most powerful Saiyan of history, the fusion of the warriors began a lethal attack in the face of the villains’ fusion. Whilst the fight was brief, vegetto punished Zamasu, tipping him with strikes and mutilating his body on more than one occasion.

A never-seen warrior

The incredible happens when Vegetto gathers his energy to launch his most powerful attack, the “Final Kamehameha”.


While the fused Saiyan collects his energy, the manga show us Shin, the Kaioshin of the seventh Universe, who comments that Vegetto maybe overcame the level of the destruction god Beerus.

After the affirmation of Shin, social media filled with theories, analysis and explanations. However, Shin never said that Vegetto had passed Beerus, just expressed a doubtful “maybe.” The point here and the question that has flooded the network is as follows.

Is Vegetto stronger than Beerus?

It seems that with the 23 manga and what Shin said, the fandom understands yes. Nonetheless, we can’t ensure this, since the power levels in states higher than god ones are very complex to analyze. To this, some people still believe in the figures given after the battle of gods (numbers which aren’t valid) generating more confusion among the fans.

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Clearly, this blind rivalry between Vegetto and Beerus don’t have an evident answer. To obtain the true answer they must fight. As we know, this will never happen. Nevertheless, it would be a short fight, since the fusion would break up due to the aggressive energy attrition.

Also, Vegetto’s power is a little higher than Beerus, the Hakaishin possesses the Hakai. This is a special technique with which he could instantly end the fused Saiyan life.