This month's V-Jump magazine brought us the manga 23 of "Dragon Ball Super," along with some interesting information from the new Saiyan woman who will appear in the power tournament and that appeared in the new opening of the series. Undoubtedly, the inclusion of this character brought with it many questions due to its undeniable resemblance to the character of Toei, Broly, a character highly acclaimed by the fandom for his power.

Saiyan woman

However, despite the physical resemblance, this Saiyan woman who has the characteristics of the legendary Super Saiyan Broly, seems to be very different from what we saw in the movies.


Likewise, the data disclosed has not been extremely relevant. In the first instance it is mentioned that the character does not have a tail. As you know, the Saiyans of the seventh universe are characterized by having a tail. In addition to this, the character's origin is also questionable.

Equally, even if they question their universe of origin, Champa mentions the little Saiyan of the sixth universe, Kyabe, and asks him to bring with him Saiyans even more powerful for the power tournament. If the female Saiyan is included among these warriors for a specific universe, that, in and of itself would be a vital clue.

Request of Champa

This request of Champa practically reveals to us that this Saiyan woman could come from the sixth universe since she does not have a tail, and it is well known that the Saiyans of that world are evolved and completely different in attitude when compared with those of the seventh universe.

While the information is not extensive, this reveals indirectly the universe of origin of this Saiyan woman by telling us that she has no tail. More news coming out about this Saiyan warrior will likely surface soon, as many viewers are both interested in and curious about this female Saiyan that has been compared to Broly.


Fans will just have to keep watching "Dragon Ball Super" to find out more. There are certainly more mysteries to be unraveled as the episodes progress.