The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” introduced fans to a whole new set of characters. There are the Gods of Destruction, the Angels of Destructions and some of the strongest fighters of the multiverse. We were introduced to Toppo the strong fighter and the team leader of the Troopers. One important character that fans admired most among all others is the legendary assassin.

The legendary assassin Hit

Hit is the strongest fighter of universe 6.

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His best technique is the time-skip where he can manipulate the time and skip it for a tenth of a second. He also uses the vital attack, which is always following his time-skip technique.

This attack targets the vital sports of his opponents. He is portrayed as an anti-social who gets bored with lousy fights. As the story progresses, fans will get to see more of this fighter

Prince of Saiyan

In the previous episodes, fans have seen Vegeta, not as a Prince of Saiyan in all his pride and arrogance but a semi-human being. He has adopted so much with the Earth that he is seen to be more domesticated. Although in several episodes he was seen training, the fact that he has produced two kids shows him being more human than Saiyan. In addition, when he was invited to the tournament he turned it down outright stating that he will only fight if Bulma gave birth to their child. His character went through the greatest tsundere in the “Dragon Ball Super.”

The rivalry

The rivalry in the anime series dates back as early as the Z installment.

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During that time, Piccolo was the hero’s ultimate rival. His skills and power at that time were beyond that of the Z warriors. However, the Namekian was out of place as the series’ hero set his eyes on his fellow Saiyans as his rival. This resulted to the Vegeta-Goku rivalry. Although both fighters battled against other opponents and defended the earth, the rivalry between them is constant.

Goku’s fascination

The Universe 7’s team leader is always fascinated with strong fighters. He is inspired by them and all his life, and a good fight is always something that puts his life in peril. The hero always wanted to take on someone with skills and power higher than his. In the present arc, the legendary assassin meets all that qualification.

Prince of Saiyan replaced

The likelihood of Vegeta being replaced by Hit as Goku’s ultimate rival is very high. It is worth noting that in one of his previous interview, anime creator Akira Toriyama, when asked about Vegeta’s character said that he does not like him, but he is just useful being around. Is Vegeta’s character slowly given lesser importance as seen in the previous episodes in preparation for Hit’s turn in the spotlight?