Today we will analyze a great question that many fans of the series have raised on numerous occasions, whether the Saiyan of universe 7 could at some time confront one of the strongest beings known so far. We refer to the supreme priest, the great Daishinkan, as this question arises as a consequence of a possible rebellion of this being, which could pretend to create a new world.

It is quite probable that the last enemy of 'Dragon Ball' is in a level similar to the one of Zeno Sama, which is why Daishinkan is targeted as the ultimate enemy of this great anime, however, today it is practically impossible that Goku or Vegetto could defeat one of the most powerful characters of the 12 universes, unless Goku received some special help from the great deities of all universes.



There is no doubt that Genkidama is Goku's most powerful technique, despite receiving energy from weak people, the numerical number of those who help is quite large, that is why this technique is always 100% effective. For example, when Goku defeated Majin Buu evil, Goku could occupy the Genkidama, but this time, its main source of energy would come from all the protective gods and angels. All this accumulation would be able to defeat Daishinkan.

Evil angel and righteous devil ending

Some people mention that the revelations of the ending past are unimportant, and that Daishinkan would never be the real villain, nevertheless, in each chapter that leaves this God, it shows more of its manipulative personality with both Zeno Sama, as also in some occasions this personage demonstrated malignant traits, as he did in an opportunity against Beerus.

It should be noted that - for now - there is no official information that accurately reveals that this God can be a future villain. Nevertheless, there are many signs that make us think this, and if so, it would have to be in one of the final sagas of 'Dragon Ball Super', since it will be very difficult to have another villain stronger than this, according to some theories that go around the internet, affirm that Akira Toriyama would have based in Lucifer to create Daishinkan Sama, which would greatly increase the odds that this character was revealed against Zeno Sama.


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