Akira defines Goku as an anti-hero. A warrior who, in short, has managed to save thousands and millions of lives, but in his eagerness to achieve it, he also put in danger many other millions of lives. Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the iconic 'Dragon Ball' series, considers Goku to be a selfish being by nature, who only chooses to fight with more powerful subjects. This is the reason why he does not fight for others for he only does it to feel good about himself.

For many years, the Saiyan would have been considered the prototype of a warrior who fights for justice and protects the good from the evil that dwells in the universe.

However, for the first time in the entire history of 'Dragon Ball,' Son Goku has been considered the villain of the animated series.


Maybe not for Universe Seven, but for the rest of the universes from one to twelve, because the insulting action of Kakarotto condemned them to be eradicated forever. You can see the video attached to understand the note much better.


Since a few days ago, we have been noticing that Kakarotto's attitude has been a little variant. We can see this in the latest episodes of the animated series. For example, in episode 79, Goku had the option for his own son, Gohan, to take a seed from the hermit and regain his strength, but chose not to give it to him.

Later, in episode 81, he confronted Bergamo, the last member of the danger trio of universe number nine.

Goku began with the transformation of the ordinary Super Saiyan to later show the Super Saiyan Blue God and merge it with the Kaioken. Many have considered this action totally unnecessary since releasing the transformation of phase two or phase three to end Bergamo was enough. This rare action denotes that the Saiyan is trying to show off his powers.

He is absolutely hated by all. Clearly, the opposing universes are totally upset with the Saiyan of the seventh universe.

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Even more so when he approaches the battle platform and addresses them all in an insulting manner and without any respect to all destroyer gods, angels and supreme kaiosamas. The Saiyan not only assumes that his power is so great and is prepared to fight against any warrior that is presented to him, he also exclaimed to all the public, that they bring to their strongest fighters to be able to have fun by fighting with powerful warriors. No doubt, a total lack of respect.

Well, what do you think about it? Do you think Goku is about to release an evil version?