Gohan continues to train

The advance of the next chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" left Gohan's fans stunned and very expectant in the face of the episode in question, since the son of Goku will be trained by Piccolo. Added to that, it shows the arrival of Goku to the place of the Training, an arrival that could culminate in an incredible battle between father and son.

However, beyond the battle, we will now analyze the intense training that we will see between Gohan and Piccolo. Prior to the Tournament between Universes 6 and 7, we saw how Piccolo and Gohan trained in a similar way to that depicted in the advance of chapter 88.


However, in this training we will see that Piccolo attacks Gohan differently, as if trying to kill him, as well as seeing the hostile environment that surrounds them.

Why does Piccolo attack Gohan in such a way?

The best method for Gohan to release his maximum power in a short time is to have a battle to the death. Piccolo's goal is to get Gohan past his limits as a way to exceed those limits. In addition to that, Piccolo will not save anything, since we see that Gohan has to ascend to the Super Saiyajin, implying that in its base state it cannot rival Piccolo.

Finally, at the end of the breakthrough, we notice that Gohan expels a lot of energy and is in a state of heightened fury. This can be due to 2 things: The first is that perhaps Gohan feels a sense of inadequacy, having been away from the fight for so long. The second and most practical option is that Gohan becomes Super Saiyan to make the scene more epic overall. It should also be remembered that the progress depicted here is not necessarily chronologically accurate. Either way, however, it is surely a welcome sight for most fans to see Gohan in action again, and to see him committed to his training once more.


Undoubtedly, this breakthrough of one of the most loved characters of the entire series will be epic and memorable for the fans. To see how this warrior resurfaces will undoubtedly be a unique moment for the viewers.